Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Mothballs In My Attic

No better time of the year than February to anticipate the wonderful feeling of Love. It starts with the unconditional love of your mother and father, your grandmother and grandfather or those adults who took special time raising you and making you feel special. Remember the childhood valentines of friendship exchanged in school! Remember the box of valentine’s cards you bought at the five and dime store; there was always a special one in there for your teacher, too. Who can forget the feelings of having a crush on someone, writing his or her name all over your notebook and trying to catch a glimpse in the school hallway. The love you shared with various animals in your life is a strong bond you will never forget. Love is there throughout your whole life - from a baby to childhood to the prom date love, the serious love, the marital love, the friendship love and the love of yourself.
Remember all the loves of your life. Embrace their warmth and allow the aura of their glow to bathe you in yesteryear. Your love defines you. Let the mothballs refresh your memory: enter your attic and open your trunk and see what comes forward with a step back to a day in February……
Fill in the blanks with just one word and see how the memories flood back. Take your time, this is not to be rushed but rather enjoyed. Remember all the feelings and visual sensations, and see where your mind travels.

My Childhood love was _____________________________.
My growing up pet that I loved was ____________________________.
The one person I loved who was not a family member was ____________________.

Unconditional Love…
Remember the feelings you had for your childhood pets
What makes you feel loved ?

Excerpts from Mothballs In My Attic, a new fun nostalgia book.
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