Saturday, January 26, 2008

January Column

Mothballs In My Attic (MIMA-mymah) is a monthly column to stimulate reminiscing and memories. A MIMA Moment is a little snippet that has led us to the place we are today. Journey to the past to trigger thoughts, smells, and visual sensations and watch the activity bring in a flood of memories and conversation.
The MIMA program includes one lead topic sentence, followed by additional related topics. MIMA Months can be explored and expanded through various discussion groups, arts and crafts, family visits, dinnertime conversations and incorporated into physical activity. The possibilities are endless. Be Creative, start with your own memories and see what flows for you!
January Reflections:

I had _______________________covers on my bed during cold winter months.
How many beds did you have in your room, who shared your room with you, did you have a window in your room, what did it look out on, did you have a bedtime ritual, what time did you go to bed?

My favorite "winter dish" comfort food was ___________________________________.
Who cooked the best meals in your house, did you have a kitchen with eat-in table and chairs, did you have a big Sunday dinner, what dessert did you beg for? What was your favorite meal of the day?

The most comfortable seat in the house was _________________________.
Where was the best seat in your home located, where did you entertain guests, was there a room that was off limits to children, did you have a big picture window in your house?
MIMA Reflection…

Sharing a comfort meal warms the heart and soul.
Recall other feelings or things that give you comfort.

Column adapted from the popular book Mothballs In My Attic, a spiral bound publication that includes 12 theme chapters with over 220 questions to stimulate reminiscing and conversation.
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Families of Loved Ones-Autumn 2007

A Mothballs in My Attic Moment

A MIMA MomentSharing your bounty and being thankful is a comfort.Mothballs in My Attic brings memories to life: In the kitchen, with women in aprons and hankies up their sleeves are washing and drying the dishes. When you look around at your gathering, remember those that have come and gone but left lasting impressions. Sow a seed of your own today. Play checkers with a young one, visit the “kids” table, tell a joke, make some noise. Be thankful and remember the feeling of Thanksgiving Day. The following are just a few of the MIMA conversation starters you may use to spark those holiday memories.
Thanksgiving Day events included _____________.
My favorite part of the turkey was the _________.
The relative who had the hankie up her sleeve was ___.
This column excerpted from Mothballs In My Attic.
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