Thursday, August 31, 2006

September MIMA Column

Mothballs In My Attic
By Cindy O’Neill
September brings the anticipation of the first day of school. It’s a scary and exciting time and a chance to re-invent yourself, a time to show your friends the new you. It’s the penny loafer or saddle shoes, the book bags, the coming together of friends and the realization of schedules and teachers demanding the most of you. We all endured square dancing in the gym, lockers that got stuck, mystery meat in the cafeteria, being late for class, gym suits and typing class. It was a time to experience cooking class and Home Ec., shop and auto mechanics.
Remember the wide-open starry eyes as you meandered down hallways searching for your friends, writing and passing notes when words could not hold themselves back. Part of school was the graffiti filled bathrooms that served as hang outs or the warm water fountains that were positioned way too low. Some teachers were the best, and there was the teacher you will never forget. The teachers we have come to know throughout our childhood will always be remembered. Remember your teachers and how they contributed to the person you are today.
Let the mothballs refresh your memory, enter your attic and open your trunk and see what comes forward with a step back to a day in September.....
Reflect back in September, remembering
First day of school jitters, new school shoes and teachers. *Thank a teacher today
Fill in the blanks with just one word and see how the memories flood back. Take your time, this is not to be rushed but rather enjoyed. Remember all the feelings and visual sensations and see where your mind travels.
My favorite teacher was _____________________________________________.
The paste at school tasted like _________________________________________.
My lunch was packed in a __________________________________for grades K-5.

Column based on Mothballs In My Attic, a new fun nostalgia book that contains over 220 questions within 12 chapters, poems and illustrations.
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