Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Mothballs In My Attic
The family and friends have gathered at the Thanksgiving table for a wonderful dinner. Certainly the coming together and the holiday table is as much a comfort as the food being served. But there is the before and after the holiday that means so much. The before preparation is spurred by anticipation. We set an exquisite table to engage the participants to share in the bounty. We lovingly prepare food in our longing for a tradition. Our recipes echo our ancestors, our tableware is retrieved and will recall the past. The dinner resonates of family and it doesn’t get much better than that.
The desserts are several and enjoyed. The dishes pile up and they represent scores of satisfied customers. The conversation in the kitchen washing and drying the dishes is priceless. A job well done. Retreating to the comfy couch with bellies full of turkey and stuffing and most important filled with family memories. Remember the feeling of Thanksgiving. Let the mothballs refresh your memory, enter your attic and open your trunk and see what comes forward with a step back to a day in November.......
Fill in the blanks with just one word and see how the memories flood back. Take your time, this is not to be rushed but rather enjoyed. Remember all the feelings and visual sensations and see where your mind travels.

Thanksgiving was spent at _________________________________.
______________________________was my favorite part of the Macy’s Parade
After the holiday dinner, ________________was always stuck doing the dishes.

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