Monday, December 04, 2006


Mothballs In My Attic
The holidays in December are an instant uplifting experience. Each year is different and each year unique. Everyone has grown another year and thoughts are shaped differently, yet the inner feelings of the holidays remain constant and comforting. Depending on the little ones in your life, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighborhood children, the holiday season can take on a whole new meaning. We all can look back on holiday experiences as a magical time when gifts were definitely a part of the plan. December always hold a myriad of get together and parties and shopping and snow and fun.
It’s a time to decorate the house, prepare chex mix, bake cookies and fruitcakes and grandma’s favorite recipes. It’s the time to bring family close and experience the dynamics of your family. It’s all steeped in tradition that is passed on from generation to generation.
Remember a special relative that visited during the holidays. . Let the mothballs refresh your memory, enter your attic and open your trunk and see what comes forward with a step back to a day in December.......
Fill in the blanks with just one word and see how the memories flood back. Take your time, this is not to be rushed but rather enjoyed. Remember all the feelings and visual sensations and see where your mind travels.

The holiday card with money in it came from __________________________
The holiday gift I always wanted but never got was _____________________.
The best dessert I loved to eat during the holidays was __________________.

Reflect back in December, remembering
Holidays, gifts and decorations * Make a hanging holiday decoration *
The Holiday card with money in it came from ___________________________________.
The Holiday gift I always wanted but never got was _______________________________.
My favorite dessert only served at Holidays was ___________________________________.
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