Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Chapter One Sample Possibilities

Sample Possibilities for Mothballs In My Attic
To get you started on this mindful journey

Chapter 1- Home is Where the Heart Is…
The Magazine, _____________was always found in our home.
Activity Planning:
Make a Bulletin Board similar to the drawing on Page 2 of Mothballs.
Decide what decoration should go on the front door, paste real leaves on the board, write everyone’s address on the bulletin board, where they grew up. This could start a session on different neighborhoods and different styles of houses, who mowed the lawn, what was is their back yards, did they have a garage, what kind of car did they have.
Filling in the blank above: bring in magazines to spark interest, read what is new in the world of government or fashion or what is on TV. What TV shows did they watch and where was the TV located. Make a list of magazines that all can recall. Try to find some old magazines from the list and see how they have changed from today. Do they remember TV Dinners and TV Tray tables. What was their favorite thing for dinner, did they help make dinners, who cooked in their home. Where did they shop for their food, the price of bread or was their milk delivered.
Purpose: The purpose of Mothballs is to start a "web" of questions designed for answers or designed for thought. The brain holds so much information and it’s there but sometimes we need some prompting. Starting with just one sentence you can "web" around and spend time by exploring what the mind recalls. If you are able to go with the flow you never know what will be "pulled down from the attic". Visuals and conversation and bringing the outdoors in (the leaves) and the memories out is key. Mothballs In My Attic is one of those keys to unlocking memories and stimulating conversation. That is why we say, one word is worth a thousand pictures!
Thank you for adding Mothballs In My Attic (MIMA) to your Activities. Everyday holds a MIMA Moment for you to discover

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