Monday, September 17, 2007

Chapter 1 Sample Possibilities-Part 2

Mothballs In My Attic
To continue the journey
Home is where the Heart is: Page 4
Copy the picture of the phone and see what conversation's some keys to get you started.

In my childhood home the phone was ___________________.

Do you remember what color phone you had growing up in your home? How many phones were in your house. Did you have a party line? Do you remember dialing the phone # with a rotary dial? Can you recall your childhood phone #, how many digits did it consist of? Was the cord on the phone long or short, do you remember the cord getting twisted and curled up. Was the phone located on a table or wall? Was there an address book with phone #'s next to the phone. Remember pay phones and phone booths, how much did it cost to make a phone call. Where can you recall using or seeing a phone booth. Many changes has been made with the phones, from dial to push button and cell phones. Explain the different phones and how people communicate. How often did people in your group talk on the phone each day when they were younger. Bring in a rotary phone and have each take a turn dialing, show the many features of a cell phone, take pictures with your phone if possible.
The purpose of Mothballs is to start a "web" of questions designed for answers or designed for thought. The brain holds so much information and it’s there but sometimes we need some prompting. Starting with just one sentence you can "web" around and spend time by exploring what the mind recalls. If you are able to go with the flow you never know what will be "pulled down from the attic". Visuals and conversation bring the memories out and that is the key. Mothballs In My Attic is one of those keys to unlocking memories and stimulating conversation. That is why we say, one word is worth a thousand pictures!Thank you for adding Mothballs In My Attic (MIMA) to your Activities. Everyday holds a MIMA Moment for you to discover

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